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Introducing CathWear's Newest Catheter Leg Bag Medical Underwear

Compatible with Foley, Nephrostomy, Suprapubic & Biliary Catheters Leg Bags

We understand the person using a catheter leg bag that you help care for may not feel confident right now. Let CathWear, the all-in-one medical undergarment for catheter leg bag users, show you how to restore the patient’s confidence. The CathWear medical undergarment offers you and your loved one a supportive hand so the catheter leg bag user can claim their full independence. Our patented underwear both secures and conceals the tubing and leg bags so the tubing won’t get kinked, caught on something, pulled on or the leg bags to begin sliding up and down the leg. It aims to do what you do, present the best solution to the people in their care.



CathWear’s Catheter Undergarment system is an all-in-one catheter management system built into a comfortable, high-quality unisex brief:

CathWear is compatible with the following catheter setups:

Biliary Catheters
Foley Catheters
Suprapubic Catheters
Nephrostomy Catheters

CathWear is able to support up to 2 of your preferred leg bags at the same time.

Available in the following sizes for both females and males:

Small / Medium / Large / X Large / 2X Large

Able to support leg bags up to 600ML (20 ounces)


Hear what a medical professional has to say about catheter leg bag complications. They have encountered many patients with catheter leg bags and have extensive experience giving medical attention to these patients. The most common and frustrating experiences leg bag wearing patients suffer from are catheters being pulled out prematurely or incidentally and causing a lot of difficulty for the patients by them needing to go back to the hospital to have catheter tubing replaced.

The ideal solution they recommend to their patients is an all-in-one solution for catheter leg bag users. Our CathWear device allows the patient to conceal their catheter leg bags and tubing and also makes it easier for them to ambulate and go out in public without getting there tubing caught or feeling like it’s going to be pulled out.

CathWear offers leg bag wearing patients a solution to this frustrating and common problem. CathWear’s solution is affordable, easy to use, and accessible for leg bag users to be able to manage their catheter leg bags and tubing efficiently.

Testimonial of the benefits of CathWear

Instructional video on how to use CathWear

Medical professional recommendation 

Hear what a CathWear undergarment user has to say. He’s used bladder catheters on and off since he was a kid. He’s always had problems with catheters wanting to slide down, with pressure sores from having the straps on too tight and the rubber straps were just terrible. He tried many different products but still had problems with the leg bag sliding down and pulling on the tubing. He says changes were immediately experienced when he first tried our catheter leg bag underwear.  

“It’s a great improvement compared to all the products I’ve tried out,” he says. The length in his steps has changed for the better as he now walks with confidence. The catheter leg bags are easy to put into the leg bag holder pockets and he can easily access the bottom valve to empty it. The leg bag does not slide down while he’s walking around. He now wears short pants with confidence and feels safe knowing everything is concealed and secured. The CathWear material is breathable, protects and keeps the back of the bag from direct contact with his leg. 

This patient says he has not had any problems with the CathWear underwear. His catheter leg bags and tubing stay in place and that the CathWear underwear is better than anything else he’s ever tried. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s a great improvement in his quality of life. The material is soft and slides around the body. It does not cause pressure. This customer highly recommends the CathWear undergarment to anyone that uses catheter leg bags.

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Catie Harris
Catie Harris
Best underwear for patients ever!
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I am a neurosurgery nurse practitioner and I saw this underwear designed by Brian Mohika. A lot of our patients have foley catheters, drains, colostomies and they are so embarrassed when they leak. Patients may even withhold drinking fluids because they are fearful of the bag leaking. I bought this cathwear to see for myself what I would be prescribing for my patients. And they are so comfortable, and actually pretty stylish! I feel like I could walk around the neighborhood in this! You can see how the bag is disguised, but it's also secured. And I was super surprised at how affordable these are!! Thanks Brian for bringing cathwear to market!!
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson
The device is a godsend, it is comfortable, and keeps everything in place, and functional
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Cathwear, is working wonderfully with the extension tubing, leg bag, and catheter. The design of the undergarment, is great, the handy areas gor the tubing, in the x on the front, prevent the tubing from kinking and obstructing urine flow, design of the leg bag pockets, make the urine bag accessable yet stable, No more sore legs , reduced circulation, and skin damage. From traditional leg bag straps. The device is a godsend, it is comfortable, and keeps everything in place, and functional, I am not fighting with my leg bag sliding down, like I did before with other products, and traditional straps. Using cathwear will make your life easier, if you have to wear one, it might even help you forget your using one.
Josh Bachman
Josh BachmanNo more sagging drooping leg bags and uncomfortable leg straps.
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I’m 44 years old and still work and I’m as active as my disorder allows. I immediately started looking for a better solution to what I was sent home with. I knew there had to be something out there. I tried sleeves that fit around the calf or thigh... those were okay enough, but they didn’t stay in place. Then I discovered custom made leg sleeves made from a spandex type material. These were marginally better but had a tendency to restrict blood circulation and were uncomfortable when I became sweaty. I kept looking and Cathwear popped up in a Google search. I started with four pair of the original design and I was elated. Cathwear has allowed me to wear shorts this summer and maintain my activity level. No more sagging drooping leg bags and uncomfortable leg straps. I recently ordered 12 pair of Cathwear “2.0” and I didn’t think the original could be improved on... I was wrong. These are amazing. I especially like the deeper leg bag pocket.
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